You Don’t ‘Need’ Life Insurance

You may not feel that you ‘need’ life insurance, but you should certainly want it! And I’m not just talking about term life insurance to protect your family in case something happens to you; I’m talking specifically about ‘participating whole life insurance’. Why would you want this type of policy? Let me explain:

Participating whole life insurance allows you to ‘participate’ in company dividends that are paid out in the form of policy cash value. After reading through hundreds of life insurance illustrations from many different, well known companies, we have identified two companies (100+ year old mutual companies that have paid dividends every single year dating back to the Civil War) that offer superior cash value build up that, over time, offers an excellent rate of return, while also offering some of these benefits:

-Guaranteed cash value build up
-When properly executed, income can be taken from policy tax free
-Guaranteed insurance for life
-Chronic Illness Rider that offers ability to accelerate death benefit when chronic illness occurs
-Access to cash value at any age and at any time without penalty
-Cash Value isn’t subject to stock market volatility/fluctuations

Be mindful that we are talking about ‘participating’ whole life insurance offered through mutual life insurance companies, not ‘non-participating’ whole life. We aren’t fans of the latter. We structure these policies with the main intention to build maximum cash value for our clients as quickly as possible. Let us run an illustration to show you how you can benefit from the peace of mind these policies offer, while also providing a solid foundation in your personal financial plan that you can add equity and real estate investments around.

Thank You!

The LionShare Insurance Group Team