What’s your legacy story?

What’s your legacy story?

When I was a kid, my dream was to be an NBA superstar, like Larry Bird. And although I
had a pretty decent jump shot and blonde hair, never quite got to Larry Legend’s 6 foot 9
inch height needed to be even a half way decent NBA (or college) small forward. Now I’m
not sure I could get up and down the court more than a dozen times without passing out,
but that’s another story….

Over the last few years entering into my 30’s, I started to ask myself what am I going to
do to create something of value for my family and the generations to come? When I’m 65
and looking back, will there be regrets? The answer was clear to me that if I didn’t
start my own insurance agency, I would never be professionally satisfied and now almost
two years later, LionShare Insurance Group is growing and we have never been more excited
about the future!

Our mantra here is to help our community save and insure themselves properly to help
provide some relief from the everyday financial strains of life. One way to accomplish
this is through cash value life insurance. Because of the tremendous push by many agents
to only offer term life insurance, much of the general public only views life insurance
as a product that gives consumers the ability to provide a death benefit to their heirs.
While term life insurance certainly has it’s place as part of a financial plan, it only
provides one solution for consumers: financial protection in the case of the insured’s
untimely death, within the timeframe of the term.

Cash value life insurance provides lifetime death benefit protection for your loved ones,
but can also build guaranteed cash value over time, including the upside potential of
annual dividends and compounding tax free growth. This is guaranteed growth without
having to sweat about the volatility of the stock market, and if designed properly, can
offer tax free payouts to the policy owner. With volatility in the stock market being the
‘new normal’ and 401K balances being eaten alive by high brokerage fees, consumers are
turning in waves to the guarantees/predictable returns offered by certain types of cash
value life insurance.

The cash value can be used for anything the policy owner wishes, but a popular strategy
is to use built up cash value to supplement retirement income. 401K’s and IRA’s can be an
important part of a portfolio, but carry with them their own set of risks being
associated with mutual funds/stock market. The last thing my wife and I want to worry
about when approaching retirement in our 50’s/60’s is whether or not we are going to time
the stock market correctly when taking 401K/IRA distributions; this strategy takes much
of the guess work out of retirement planning for us.

Additionally, certain insurers offer built in riders for additional peace of mind such as
an accelerated death benefit rider (pays a portion of the death benefit in case of a
terminal illness), chronic illness rider (pays a portion of the death benefit in the case
of chronic illness), and overloan protection rider (keeps your policy in force despite
outstanding policy loans).

And so why choose LionShare Insurance Group to see your cash value life insurance
options? Because of all the life insurance companies that offer cash value life
insurance, we have found that three (mutual life) companies stand out way ahead of the
pack. Plus, mutual life insurance companies aren’t owned by Wall Street banks, but
instead by their policyholders creating a mutual interest in each others success, and a
legal requirement by the company to profit share with it’s policy owners in the form of
annual dividends.

Let’s get started putting your legacy plan together today!