What’s your health insurance strategy?

With the Affordable Care Act firmly in place and another annual enrollment period starting up on November 1st, we’re amazed at how the changing landscape of health insurance planning affects our clients day to day.

We’ve seen hundreds of different types of scenarios and so thought I would share some of the more common ones that we have helped clients work through:

-Both husband and wife are offered excellent employee-only group health coverage through work, but when looking to add their kids/dependents to their plans, the rates skyrocket
-Couple going through a divorce trying to assess the best route to maintain affordable health coverage for the family
-Premium Subsidy/Tax Credit Questions (Do I qualify?)
-Clients don’t want an Obamacare policy and looking for alternatives
-Group health insurance rates are rising at work and want to see individual/family plan comparisons
-Clients looking for Child Only health plan options

With many directions to go, health insurance strategy for every individual, family, and small business is an absolute must in today’s world. What’s your health insurance strategy?