Tips to Navigating the Upcoming Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period

Are you happy with your current health insurance policy? Or maybe you have been toughing it out without health coverage? It never hurts to shop around especially with the huge variety of options at your disposal. LionShare Insurance Group works through top carriers, both through the Marketplace and ‘Off Exchange’ such as United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, and more! Below are some things to think about as we approach November 15th:

1) Are your current health plan premiums rising?

Unlike some other forms of insurance, health insurance rates are not guaranteed to stay the same from year to year. We help clients assess what specific parts of a health insurance plan are most important to them to minimize costs while also providing protection and services.

2) Does your current plan have a solid provider network?

The roll out of Obamacare brought many independent companies into the health insurance market with some offering very low rates and making huge promises. The issue of course is that low premiums don’t matter if the company doesn’t pay claims and doctors, hospitals, and health care facilities don’t accept the insurance. We make sure to only work with carriers that offer broad provider networks.

3) Are you eligible for tax credits through the Marketplace (

Although we can’t determine eligibility, we can certainly guide you through the process of what to expect on the application, offer income guideline info, as well as explain in detail the difference between each health plan you may be eligible for. We have completed the Marketplace curriculum and able to assist consumers through the process.

4) Are you and/or your family without health insurance currently?

Lofty medical bills can put a huge strain on a family and so while consumers without coverage may be ‘saving’ by not paying health insurance premiums, it’s risky business. Additionally, the penalty for not having health insurance is set to kick in when everyone does their taxes in 2015. The penalty can be costly and scales up each year through 2016.

Your questions and needs are our top priority and so don’t hesitate to schedule a phone or face to face appointment with us leading up to November 15th so that we can properly prepare you and your family.

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