The Most Important Word in Retirement Planning

The retirement statistics in our country are staggering. More then one third of people 55+ have less then $10,000 in retirement savings. 50% of our country isn’t saving anything at all currently for retirement.

Why is that? It’s fairly simple. 1)People aren’t sure how to get started and 2) haven’t been shown ‘safe’ financial vehicles for steady and secure growth.

The most important word in retirement planning is: Guaranteed

Two financial products give savers tremendous guarantees:

Lifetime Income Annuities & Whole Life Insurance

The facts remain that although the stock market has seen tremendous growth over the last 40 years, the last 10 have been highly volatile and unpredictable. Why not diversify and move some of your retirement funds into a lifetime income annuity that grows tax deferred (compounding interest) and when it’s time to retire, guarantees a monthly (or annual) income for the rest of your life? Or what about taking out a Whole Life insurance policy that builds guaranteed cash value (with tremendous growth potential up and above the guaranteed amount over time) that can be taken out of the policy on a tax free basis to supplement retirement?

And for those with limited disposable income during these tough economic times? Many of these plans can be put in place with as little as a $50 per month contribution. That’s less then a family of four eating out these days

In a world of complicated financial instruments for consumers to choose from, these two plans give our clients some peace of mind just in case the stock market stays volatile or Social Security has to be overhauled. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about the GUARANTEED part of your investment portfolio!

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