Life Insurance as a Retirement Income Strategy?

We’ve all heard the endless adviser promises regarding historical stock market gains. What we don’t hear enough of though is the fantastic whole life insurance dividend history of many participating mutual whole life insurance companies. With stock market volatility being the new norm, many of our local Sarasota and Bradenton clients are looking for something more solid, reliable, and tax friendly when planning for their future and retirement. Whole Life gives agents the ability to show their clients the ‘worst case scenario (policy guarantees)’, as well as the potential upside. Some participating whole life insurance companies have been paying a dividend every single year for over 100 years!

Whole life insurance contracts can be structured in a way to maximize cash value build up that grows tax deferred and can be withdrawn tax free! There isn’t another financial instrument on the market that offers these types of benefits. However, not all whole life insurance companies offer excellent dividend producing plans; actually there are a few that stand out against the rest of the pack. This is why it’s important for consumers to work with an independent insurance agency that can shop around to provide the best options. In the Sarasota area, whether you are looking for term life insurance to maximize death benefit protection or a great retirement income foundation offered by whole life insurance, contact LionShare Insurance Group for a wide variety of options.