Life Insurance-A Wealth Building Tool

While life insurance is well known as a death benefit tool for the sake of premature death, life insurance is also an excellent way to build an estate for your heirs. The ability to leverage money by using permanent life insurance such as guaranteed universal life or whole life gives people the incredible ability to ‘buy dollars with pennies’. What’s even better is that these strategies are not limited to the wealthy, but even affordable for the middle class and upper middle class.

How do you envision your legacy? When we think of our kids and grand kids, many of us think about making sure they have the latest car seat or toy. But what if you took some of the money spent on these things and packed it away into a life insurance plan giving these little people a windfall upon your death that could be used to buy a first house, pay for educational expenses, or start a business? How do we want to be remembered? Do you think that your child or grandchild is going to remember that video game they got from you or will they remember that grandma and grandpa put money away that gave them the funds for a home down payment?

By teaching our young people to start saving and investing young, we teach them how to accumulate wealth. Life insurance is the important foundation of any and all financial plans. Let us help you set up a future for yourself and your loved ones.