Income Annuities Remain Popular Among Florida Consumers and Nationwide

I just read another article about how fixed income annuity sales have surged among advisors during the first half of 2013. It makes complete sense, especially in the state of Florida where many people come to retire in the sunshine. Our firm here in Sarasota, Florida has seen an uptick in annuity interest as well, with many of our clients interested in the guaranteed lifetime income an income annuity can provide.

There is no other financial product on the market that offers these same types of guarantees. Income Annuities are contracts between the client and the insurance company with the principal funds not being tied to the ups and downs of the stock market. A well planned annuity in conjunction with other retirement vehicles and life insurance creates complete peace of mind for consumers. There’s no reason to ‘wing it’ anymore. Contact us today at LionShare Insurance Group to ensure your retirement and your loved ones futures are protected!

Dustin Cooley
LionShare Insurance Group