so far a Disappointment……

For the last three years, politicians on both sides of the aisle have gone back and forth squabbling about the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act and the impact the new health care law will have on the citizens of our country. Although many are still fighting to see Obamacare de-railed, repealed, or not funded, the reality is that the health care law is here to stay. Not to say that there probably won’t be ‘tweaks’ in the years to come, but all in all, the government (whether state of federal) will be providing health insurance options to the public.

What’s not being talked about, surprisingly, are the rates for these new plans. To put it mildly, they are much higher than what health insurance consumers are used to. Obamacare effectively turns the individual health insurance marketplace into a ‘giant nationwide Group Policy’. When I run quotes for a 40 year old male, the pricing is virtually the same whether he runs 5 miles a day and is in great shape, or if he has Stage 4 cancer. Everyone assumed rates would go up, but I’m not sure consumers were expecting health insurance pricing to double and sometimes triple across the board. A silver lining is that health insurance consumers who have pre-existing conditions that otherwise were declined health coverage or were paying incredibly high rates now will be able to find ‘affordable health care.’ In addition, there will be some consumers that qualify for tax credits and cost sharing depending on certain variables such as net income and family size.

Some states have set up their own Obamacare websites, while others such as my home state, Florida, have not. Which means that health insurance consumers in Florida, are utilizing the federal website,, for their Obamacare needs. It’s truly an embarrassment that this site literally crashed as soon as it opened on October 1st. Still almost a week later, the site is still working through technical difficulties and glitches. How is it possible that our federal government with all of it’s vast resources and three years to prepare didn’t have the website and the server space to handle the traffic? Meanwhile, there is an individual mandate for everyone in the country to have health coverage in place in 2014 or else face a fine/tax for non-compliance and the website to sign up doesn’t even work?

To top it off, the professionals in the health insurance market, health insurance agents and brokers who are certified to assist health insurance consumers with the exchange, have no way of assisting consumers through this process. We don’t have special access or a separate website to work from. With that being said, our company has found a way to work around the website glitches and can assist consumers to get their application submitted. We can help you be prepared for the application by telling you the docs you will need to have on hand in order to answer all the questions properly, as well as the features of each health insurance plan offered (Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

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