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January 28th, 2016 by LionShare Insurance Group

Do I really Need Life Insurance?

At times, we read other articles written by financial advisers that talk about the need for life insurance ending at a specific age, maybe when the kids are grown up, or when retirement time comes. But by stating a lack of need really belittles all the many positive benefits various life policies bring to the table. For example, my wife and I each own a... Read Article

10 Days Left for Health Insurance!

Only 10 days left before the 2016 annual enrollment period for health insurance is in the books. While we have seen a decline in number of health plans offered and an increase in health insurance premiums across the board, enrollments are at an all time high. Aetna and Humana seem to have the strongest, best value plans for 2016. With higher deductibles and co-pays, supplemental... Read Article

Life Insurance as a Retirement Income Strategy?

We've all heard the endless adviser promises regarding historical stock market gains. What we don't hear enough of though is the fantastic whole life insurance dividend history of many participating mutual whole life insurance companies. With stock market volatility being the new norm, many of our local Sarasota and Bradenton clients are looking for something more solid, reliable, and tax friendly when planning for their... Read Article

Sarasota Manatee Health Insurance Enrollment Off to a Fast Start

The health insurance annual enrollment period is well underway and we are seeing a high number of enrollments in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Ellenton, and Parrish FL areas. This will officially be the third annual enrollment period for Obamacare. Here's our quick thoughts so far: 1)Prices continue to rise Healthy Americans who don't qualify for tax credits through the Marketplace are seeing pretty dramatic plan price... Read Article

What's your health insurance strategy?

With the Affordable Care Act firmly in place and another annual enrollment period starting up on November 1st, we're amazed at how the changing landscape of health insurance planning affects our clients day to day. We've seen hundreds of different types of scenarios and so thought I would share some of the more common ones that we have helped clients work through: -Both husband and... Read Article