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You Don’t ‘Need’ Life Insurance

You may not feel that you ‘need’ life insurance, but you should certainly want it! And I’m not just talking about term life insurance to protect your family in case something happens to you; I’m talking specifically about ‘participating whole life insurance’. Why would you want this type of policy? Let me explain: Participating whole life insurance allows you to ‘participate’ in company dividends that... Read Article

Don’t buy Indexed Universal Life Insurance for Future Retirement Income

The latest life insurance craze of the last 5-10 years focuses on a product known as indexed universal life insurance or IUL. Life insurance companies are promoting the hell out of these plans, touting their supposed ability to give policy owners all the benefits of stock market gains, without the downside risk of market losses. Agents use terms like ‘zero is the hero’, referencing instances... Read Article

Why doesn’t your financial planner talk about life insurance?

Most financial planners aren’t interested in talking about life insurance because they are mostly focused on putting clients into variable and securities products. This isn’t a slam on them, but with a title of financial advisor, most consumers assume a more well rounded approach to tasking their finances. When structured properly, whole life insurance can be a cash value building machine, offering a ton of... Read Article

Life Insurance-A Wealth Building Tool

While life insurance is well known as a death benefit tool for the sake of premature death, life insurance is also an excellent way to build an estate for your heirs. The ability to leverage money by using permanent life insurance such as guaranteed universal life or whole life gives people the incredible ability to ‘buy dollars with pennies’. What’s even better is that these... Read Article

Life Insurance Factoid

Life Insurance Factoid: What’s just as important as price? Underwriting. Each life insurance company looks at different medical conditions differently, which makes variety and knowledge of company restrictions critical to consumers. Our underwriting team assesses each circumstance, case by case, ensuring we get it right the first time 941-201-1145 Read Article