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‘Traditional’ Fully Underwritten Health Insurance Policy Rates vs. New Reform Health Plan Rates

4 More Days to submit applications for ‘Traditional’ Individual Health Insurance Policies…Are you wondering what pricing looks like today, compared to January 1st? Well here you go: 30 year old male-Plans today start at $87 per month, New Reform Plans (Jan. 1st) start at $266 per month (Bronze) 30 year old male-Plans start today at $95 per month, New Reform Plans (Jan. 1st) start at... Read Article

INSTANT Term and Universal Life Insurance Quotes

Christmas is almost here and with all the presents under the tree, why not add one of the more important purchases you will ever make: life insurance to protect your loved ones Compare rates of up to 100 life insurance companies in a matter of seconds on our website at Happy Holidays!... Read Article

The realities of Obamacare: Understanding the new Health Insurance System

Obamacare and the way it shapes health insurance in our country will undoubtedly be the hot topic of conversation for years to come. Debates will rage on as to whether this health care law is helping or hurting our country. Below is a great video explaining some of the harsh realities of our new health insurance system. To me, the most important part of the... Read Article

Orlando Senior Expo!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Kissimmee/Orlando Senior Expo last week! We had a great show and appreciate your support!... Read Article

Indexed Universal Life Insurance- Another source of Retirement Income

It’s certainly no surprise that people of all generations in our country nowadays are concerned about retirement planning. At a time, when the overall economy is pretty weak, the stock market is artificially inflated and violatile, and the job market still not back on track, people need some stability. Social security was never meant to provide full retirement benefits, only supplement retirement savings. The statistics... Read Article